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RSCC are Microsoft certified IT company, providing IT support in Letchworth and surrounding areas. We provide support and advice to a variety of Letchworth businesses - from small teams with simple cloud services, to larger companies with complex infrastructure. Although we fix most issues remotely, our office is only 5 minutes drive from Letchworth if a call-out is required.

Letchworth has certainly played a part in the history the computers. At one point, the towns biggest employer was the British Tabulating Machine company. They constructed the very early machines that processed data mechanically and used punched cards for storage, which have now gone on to evolve to the modern day computer. They famously went on to construct the machinery that was used at Bletchley park to break the Germans Enigma codes.

Eventually they became part of ICL limited, the huge outsourced IT infrastructure and computer support specialists. ICL later transformed to Fujitsu, providing IT support from Stevenage.  Both ICL and later Fujitsu provided outsourced IT support and infrastructure to large companies.

While we can’t yet rival Fujitsu in size, we do provide far better service fixed-cost IT support and installation services in Letchworth, as well as offering a full range of IT services to cater for most SME requirements – from a fully managed network or migration project though to occasional help and troubleshooting.

We have a dedicated in-house helpdesk team at our office in Wilbury Way, Hitchin, so you may be assured of a professional and punctual service at all times.

We provide only business support and services. Unfortunately we are not able to offer support to home users. If you’d like to chat with an engineer regarding your requirements, or have a no-obligation check up on your network, please call 01462 458571 for IT support Letchworth.



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