Security Dilemma for Natwest/RBOS

Natwest business banking down 27/1/2016

Todays a bad day for lots of businesses wanting to do their online banking at Natwest.

They’ve been pushing Trusteer Rapport as an additional security layer to using their online banking for a long time.

One function of Trusteer is to check DNS to IP resolution, to ensure that users are at the real site rather than a fake.

Unfortunately the communications channel between Natwest and Trusteer appears to be broken, as Trusteer are currently blocking legitimate Natwest websites – I’m guessing Natwest have changed a few IP’s and not told them. I’d also guess that someone at Natwest is having a very bad day because of this.

This is where the dilemma comes in. The solution to this is disable Trusteer temporarily through it’s console. However Natwest helpline are telling people to just ‘try again later’. Natwest aren’t going to want to throw away all that user education by asking them to to disable their security product.

Even if they can’t do their jobs today….



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